How a slower car can help you become a faster driver

It seems obvious: If you want to drive fast, get a fast car. We would rather say, if you want to become a fast driver, start with a slower car. And we’ll explain you why. "Momentum" cars, like our BMW 325i Clubsport-series, don't have enough power to cover up bad driving. Lower lap times come from faster corner entries and smoother exits, rather than gunning it on straightaways. The slower the car, the more you'll be able to focus on technique. With approximately 230 hp for 1300kg, you have to use every ounce of speed to produce a fast lap.

What do we mean by this. In order to get your laptime down in a less powerful car, you need to carry as much as possible speed through the corners in order to not lose the momentum. Therefor you need to find the perfect entry speed, carry on the speed in the corner, open up the steering wheel and go flat on the throttle as soon as possible. Every squeal of a tyre, every slide, every time you brake too much speed out of the car, ... it will all punish you in a significant timeloss as the car can’t make up for it with buckets of horsepower.

With a slower car you get the time to focus on all of the above, and when you make a mistake or misjudge on Newton’s laws, you might still have the time to react... And that is the point where you are even learning more. A BMW 325i might lack the visceral thrill of, for example an M4, but it also doesn't bite as hard when you upset it in the midcorner, either.

To become a faster driver you need to be able to use all of the car's capabilities. With the usage of semi-slick tyres on our entry level racecars, you’ll feel even better when you are surpassing the limits. You'll learn more about your car driving in that way. Ultimately, fast driving depends on technique, not machine.

The best drivers execute fundamental skills better than their competitors with consistency and precision. Many prospective race drivers miss this. They're trying to go too fast, too soon. There are many paths up the mountain of speed, but there are no shortcuts. Master the basics, then add speed. No other approach will do.

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