Six tips to master Spa-Francorchamps

Tip 1: Brace yourselves… Be brave.

With corners like Eau Rouge & Blanchimont, which in some cars you can take flatout (although it’s not recommended if it’s your first time at Spa) cornering speed can make a huge difference in your laptime. Eau Rouge is one of the (if not the…) most beautiful corners in the world, but it also takes a lot of bravery to enter this corner. With the long Kemmel-straight following right after it, 10km/h per hour can make a huge difference. Go well-prepared, and make sure you study some onboard videos on how to ‘fly through’ the most famous corner on the F1-calendar. Spa is basically a track which takes a lot of bravery and guts to master, so we advise to let it come to you over the course of a weekend or several weekends.

Tip 2: Be a rainmaster

At Spa-Francorchamps, you are lucky if you can make it through the whole weekend without getting your shoes wet… Sometimes it can be raining in the pitlane, and completely dry on the top of the track at Combes, or vice versa. Or even more interesting, a heavy rainshower at one specific corner: Eau Rouge! Tyre choice can be extremely difficult, changing to slicks when it’s almost dry can look like a good decision but be sure to have several weather apps on your phone to double check there is no rain coming for the following hour(s)…

Tip 3: Don’t go unprepared

Use a driver coach. Each track has many secrets, and Spa is most certainly one of them. Making use of a driver coach, or an experienced driver who is both familiar with the track and the car will save you a lot of time. The difference between watching onboard videos here is that you really (and quite literally) will get a grip of the car. As we said before, you can win and lose a lot of time by having the right amount of confidence, but racing lines have proven to be crucial as well at Spa. One can have the guts to take Eau Rouge flatout, but if you approach the corner wrong things can get very bad.

Tip 4: Strategy

Strategy can be crucial in winning or losing. You can easily lose a lap in the pitlane due to a bad strategy, but it will take forever to make that up again around the 7km long track. We have a strategist on each car during our races, which together with the good pace of the drivers has proven to be a winning formula.

Tip 5: Track limits

Like many modern racetracks, Spa has also turned from an oldschool racetrack with grass and gravelbeds into a more modern racetrack – due to the F1 safety standards. The asphalt run-offs and the green carpets may look tempting, but we advise you to stay between the white lines. During some races, a penalty can cost you a stop&go of 1 minute, which comes down to losing a lap in the race.

Tip 6: Bring it home

Last but not least, although Spa requires a lot of bravery, never cross your own limit. Track conditions at Spa can change very rapidly and like the old saying goes: to finish first, first you have to finish…

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